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Everything Represents – Nothing Is: Ingmar Bergman and Art, is published by Dokument Press in connection with an exhibition with the same name, a cooperation between Gävle konstmuseum and the Ingmar Bergman Foundation. The exhibition will tour Gävle konstcentrum, Fotgrafisk Center in Copenhagen and Kunstcenter Silkeborg Bad.

In Everything Represents – Nothing Is: Ingmar Bergman and Art, Ingmar Bergman offers his opinions on the visual arts and the work of the artist. Since little has been published on the subject of Bergman’s views and body of work, the book offers new insights into his legacy. He always insisted that he was not interested in the visual arts, especially not contemporary art. Yet, both art and artists are frequently present in his films. He keeps returning to, and appears to be struggling with, the question of the nature of art and its role in society.